Reliable Contacts

I maintain a current list of offshore oil rig employers for those of you who are interested in spending their time APPLYING for jobs as opposed to FINDING COMPANIES TO APPLY WITH. There are a lot of "click bait" sites listed under any search for offshore oil jobs. "Click Bait" sites sound promising at first, but end up not only wasting your time but causing you frustration. If you've spent any time at all looking for work in the offshore oil job sector, you know what I'm talking about. If you're not familiar with the term "Click Bait," read about it in Chapter 11 of "Your Pathway."

The list includes drilling contractors, catering companies, special service companies and maritime companies. Currently there are 3100 plus jobs from 320 plus companies. Many of these companies are now hiring both entry level and experienced personnel for a variety of jobs, both in the US and overseas. The following letters of testimony are from our clients who have used our resources to secure interviews and jobs in the offshore oil & gas industry.

Compiled from several thousand people over a 20-year period from many different countries, this will give you a realistic idea about what is involved in using the web, along with your PC, laptop, iPad or smart phone to find offshore oil rig employment. Here are their stories...

Ron, the contact list you sent is terrific. After 20+ hours searching the internet, I was ready to go nuts. I was finding stuff on the oil industry, but not actual offshore oil rig job contact information. Your list fixed all of that instantly. I am finishing up some things for my current employer, which may take up to 2 weeks at which time I will aggressively pursue employment offshore as that has become my dream.

I have sent out some feelers to the special services as well as the catering companies. I will get back to you asap about my luck. I want it bad, so as soon as I finish this website for my boss, (2 weeks) I will be in overdrive pursuing an offshore oil job. Thanks for all your help

Skip W
Harlingen, TX

Hello Captain Ron!

Thanx a lot for ur interest and help in finding an offshore job for me!

Babu B
Johor Baharu, MALAYSIA

Hi Ron,

I have been hired by Baker Atlas Oil Service Company by means of your wonderful contact list. Thanks for your all information about oil company. Now I am in Montrose Training Centre, Scotland.

Best regards,

Captain Ron,

Thank you very much for getting back to me again. Your response is a lot faster than I'd expected and I truly appreciate this . Thanks also for the companies that you've sent me and I will try my best and keep you informed of any progress that I make.

I love to travel and experience different ways of life and an offshore oil rig job sounds like something I will find interesting. Again, thank you for your time and attention.

Nairobi, KENYA

Dear Ron Edwards,

This is Bradley Mobley. I appreciate your sending of the job information. I am pleased to tell you that I have a physical and an interview with Pride Offshore.

I really like the new web page. Keep up the good work.

Bradley M

Capt. Ron,

First of all I would like to thank you for sending the information on the offshore projects in view of securing an offshore job for self, compatible to my qualification and experience.

I was able to secure a job working in Kuwait (Middle East) for an MNC Engineering Contractor (Petrofac International Ltd.) with a project covering a major oil company.

However, I like to keep my options open, based on situation and offshore employment demand. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Braj G
Safety Engineer

How's it going Capt. Ron?

I was interviewed by Woodside Energy for an Offshore Crane Operator position a few months ago but missed out, although the number of applicants was very high. I am now working for Magellan Petroleum at an onshore gas field in Palm Valley in central Australia as an operator, which should assist with my pursuit of eventually getting an offshore oilrig job.

I would still like to stay registered with your website to check the job postings and receive your informative newsletters.

Mark P
Miallo, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Hi Capt Ron

Thanks for the contact link - I'll send off my CV to as many of those as I am able to. I would very much like to secure an offshore rig job in the catering industry if possible. This is the first time I've found such concise information. many, many thanks.

Andrew G



Thank you for your most kind concern about my overseas offshore job search in the camp management field. I have had some positive response from DynCorp Technical Services . They had me tagged for an Afghanistan site manager slot if the DOD signed the contract.

They didn't sign...the Army took the job over. They also have me on a "Letter of Commitment" for a government project they are bidding on in Latin America IF they are the winning bidder on the project. If, If and If.

Any suggestions? You mentioned in your last email letter to me that with my background, however dated, there should be many offshore job offers. Anything you can recommend I will be happy to listen to and seriously conside


Thankfully yours,
Jack R
Pinellas Park, FL

Thanks for asking about the "latest".

My best lead has been with Pride International for work overseas. I would much prefer work overseas due to the fact I don't live close to the GOM and companies aren't willing to pay airfare. Pride contacted me by phone after I had sent my resume to them.

I then sent an Addendum to my resume which shows cranes, max. tonnage, winches, tuggers, equipment, companies and contacts, etc. It's 5 pages but many companies seem to want full info right up front. This really seemed to help get me further notice.

They have 2 new semisubs being finished up in Portland, Maine and eventually will be working offshore Brazil. I actually got a tour of them last weekend with a group of Naval Engineers. That was great and I let my contact at Pride know that I took advantage of this.

I also have my resume on I will tell you that I did get a response from Oceaneering to work on a salvage ship for them as an AB.

A guy from England contacted me last week and he had found my resume from your site. His name is Alister McCuaig. He was looking for a Crane Operator for a barge in the United Arab Emirates - 90 days on 30 off. He needed someone who has done heavy lift (400 ton) off barges. They are lifting and placing modules into place.

I'll keep you posted.

Chris G
East Falmouth, MA

I made several contacts and am trying to coordinate a couple interviews. The list really helped.

Kenneth K
Bakersfield, CA

Well thank you for the contacts. I did get a a connection with Tidewater Marine. It included a application. I got it filled out and sent back the next day.

Chuck S
Spokane, WA

Good morning,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me the web-site to your "contacts". They were very helpful and I found a lot of information. I will contact all of the offshore oil rig companies and I hope I get some positive responses. I will keep you updated on what is happening. I really appreciate what you are doing for me.

Have a great day,
Linda E La Habra, CA


Just a line to thank you for the link you sent. It was very helpful material, and I hope it will prove invaluable in helping me to land an offshore oil rig job. It is refreshing to see someone cares enough about joe blow to actually read and reply to such a request. If there is anything I can do for you at all, just let me know, I'm your man.

Grant R

Dear Captain Ron,

Many thanks for your kind thought of me. As per your advise, I tried to contact and send my resume according to the available e mail addresses which are available in contractor drilling lists.

In this approach, I have recieved one poitisve reply which mentioned that my case will consider when opportunity arises. But others four replied negative. I'm still hoping to get reply in due course. I believe that during this month all are busy and planning with Christmas and New Year Hoildays.

Best regards,
Yu SLuangprabang, LAOS

Capt Ron:

Thanks for your words of encouragement. I have persisted and have been fortunate to land a very good offshore job. All contacts came as a result of links through your site.

The position I took is with MPH International out of Dubai. It is as director of training with TotalFinaElf in Iran. The job is probably good for 2 years with potential extensions as further levels of the project are approved. Thanks again for a no BS website and some really good links!

Bryan L
Alberta, CANADA

I am currently working on the BP Bruce platform (North Sea) for Deutag U.K. as Drilling Instrument Tech.

Bruce D

Hi there Captain

I was contacted by Dave Christmas from Schlumberger last Thursday. He told about a permanent job at Schlumberger in Chad on a Exxon / Mobil project and asked me if I was interested for they need 22 fitters urgently. 5 Weeks on / 5 off. He will be contacting me in 10 days with details.

Thanx a lot Ron,
Albert A

What's up Ron? Your contact list did help me locate an offshore oil rig job. It was hard getting Houston to respond to my calls but I found out what I needed to do. Any suggestion will be appreciated. I need to go to work like YESTERDAY!


Charles T
Pass Christian, MS

Hello Captain Ron!

After reading your website and obtaining the knowledge to go out and get a job in the offshore oilfield oil rig and maritime job industry (with the help of your list)....

within 5 short days I am going to work for my first offshore company! thank you Captain Ron and your website.

Jason O

Greetings Captain Ron!!!

Thanks for that moment! I finally obtained offshore employment as a junior sample catcher starting in the next week or so!

Giuseppe M

Mr Edwards:

I have been offered a position to train roughneck's but would much rather get on an offshore oil rig in Nova Scotia or Newfoundland. I thank you for your respond and look forward to hearing from you again. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Tony C


Thanks for the helpful contacts, they made all the difference. In reply to your question. I am presently working in the Gulf for Brown & Root in the capacity of Lead Process Start Up Engineer on the Canterell EPC 1 project offshore Mexico.

Ian G


Thanks for the follow up message. I did order the contact list and am looking forward to its arrival. Information on offshore oilfield oil rig and maritime jobs is hard to come by up here in the landlocked mid west.

As I begin my job search I am sure that questions will arise. I will take you up on your offer of assistance at that time.

Thanks again
Steven A,
Lincolne, NE