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You can't get a job if you can't get an interview. And YOU WON'T get an interview using an outdated and poorly written resume or CV!

The NUMBER ONE REASON for applicant rejection is a poory written resume or CV, or a resumes or CV that does not follow industry guidelines. This is an easy fix. If you want to put some serious traction in your offshore oil rig job search, be sure to get FULL DETAILS on what you can do to get ahead of your competition. Read Chapter 7 of "Your Pathway."

Well after spending a few weeks as a galley hand, I was approached by Diversified Well Logging from Reserve La. I'm happy to report that I am now a mud logger for this company. I really enjoy this offshore job and the money is great. Just thought you would like to know.

As you know your help with my CV was what got me where I am today. Looks like my next stop will be mud engineering. Keep up the good work.

Thanks again,
Jimmy M
Sherwood, AR

Captain Ron, (1st letter)

My husband has been looking for offshore employment for the past 10 months. At every chance we get we have sent out a letter with the resume as an attachment. We very rarely got a reply.

You can imagine my amazement when told that the attachment doesn't open so most of our resumes, probably as many as 100 of them, were sent to the recycle bin. We now use your online resume and yes we have had replies, not robot mail, but applications for employment!!!!!

Thank you Ron for all your help. Your online resumes really work, and it is nice to know that they open every time and they don't all end up in the trash.

Hi Ron, ( 2nd letter)

How's it going? I just wanted to let you know that after sending out your online resume we have had replies. Noble in UK the has sent and employment application form and so has PAC in Houston which is a recruiting firm for offshore oil jobs.

We also have an application from Grey Wolf. I am still getting much enjoyment out of your message board. I see the Offshore Santa Claus returned to rub it in once again.

For the first time in a long time Paul and I feel as though things are looking up for him as far as offshore oil rig employment goes. Before this we were feeling very deflated about the whole experience. Keep up all the good work Ron.

Ron, (3rd letter)

Beaut idea. It's fine to use our names etc as examples, we'd like to help any way we can after all you have done for us. I will be recommending your resumes to all that I can. Go get 'em!!!!

Ron, (4th letter)

No worries. Sorry it was so late. Thank you for the great resume and for your constant support and feedback, we appreciate that.

I think people think they can write their own and it is good enough. I have read a few that have been sent to message boards etc., and it is easy to see why they haven't got a job. Some people have no idea.

No doubt you'll be back on the job soon. What with work and your web site do you get any free time? Or is that a distant memory? Once again, thanks.

Lisa & Paul

Dear Cpt. Ron,

Thanks for such an impressive resume. I was contacted by Aramark Offshore yesterday about an offshore oil rig job and scheduled for an interview this Thursday! If I get hired how long will it take until I start work?

Should I dress professionally for the interview? What should I bring with me that day? Any advice would be appreciated. Is this a good company to work for? I have to congratulate you for the manner in which you handled my resume, which got me this interview . Thanks again.

Chris K
Memphis, TN
Entry Level

My name is John Keenum. I registered on this web site back in January for an offshore job. I gave the resume you wrote to a operator and a rig forman and got a roustabout job . Lucky go! I found an offshore oil rig job with Sonoco, worked 14 days on anadorko platform G-116. I head to work again on the island the 24th.

Thanks for the help!
Freeeport, TX

I got replies from Parker Drilling Co and Transocean Offshore Inc. Transocean said they will forward my resume to the appropriate deptartment for further action and will contact me. What do you think? Your online resume works miracles.

Thanks a lot,
Tamon W
Entry Level

Here it is, and sorry for inconvenience. Plus yesterday i have got a confirmation from Schlumberger that the resume you wrote has been considered after its evaluation and made available to the entire organization /depts for any opportunities they might have within the company. Will keep you posted on other fronts as well.

Thanks for your concern,

Dear Captain Ron

Just a quick word to keep you appraised of the situation. I have posted off numerous copies of the resume that you wrote for Steve and to date we have had 3 positive replies . This new resume is generating more interest than any other that we have posted out. All I can say is thank you!

Joanne H
Aberdeenshire, SCOTLAND


Thank you so much for getting back with me so fast. I was thinking maybe you didn't receive the e-mail with the resume due to the storms and the computer going down so much.

WOW! What a great service you have!!!!!!

I never dreamed from your Offshoreguides site that you were so professional!!!

You have an absolute, bona fide, HIDDEN talent going on BEHIND the scenes of your Offshoreguides. Hiding your resume service (actually burying it) in your Offshoreguides directory.

Well I'll go for now. Anxiously awaiting your suggestions and Roger's resume! I am soooooo impressed with the quality and the workmanship in your resumes! No shoddy, sloppy work here! Please feel free to quote me on my comments if you would like.

Roger and Tamara
Port Neches, TX
Entry Level

Cpt. Ron,

I just took a look at the first draft of my resume. Wow! Excellent!

I'd even take a second look at this guy. Makes the selling me part a whole lot easier with this to start with. Well worth every penny

Roger P
Vancouver, WA
Offshore Rig Mechanic


I sincerely appreciate you reviewing my resume and letting me know about the problem opening it. That would explain why I have not had any contact with potential employers in two months

. What would your services cost to have my resume posted as a web resume? I would like give you a call before you leave on Wednesday. Please let me know when would be a good time.

Albert S
Katy, TX
Entry Level

Dear sir,

Thanks for the beautiful resume. It is really professionally written and worth the money.

My regards,
Wilfred T
San Jose, CA
Contract Geologist


Once again I thank you for all that you have done and are doing for us. I must admit it was a rude shock to know that the resume attachment wouldn't open. The number we have sent out and it's more than likely that they all ended up in the bin. How depressing! At least you let us know!

Thank's also for the resume you sent. I'd never seen one online like that before.

I'm now convinced that you have wings and a halo. I can't express to you just how much we appreciate wht you are doiing. Hell Cpt Ron, you're and Angel!! Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

Lisa and Paul

I would absolutely recommend your service to others who were looking for an offshore oil rig job , and indeed have been doing so almost from the start. In turn I occasionally get emails from workers on oil rigs and offshore entry level employment sites who have seen my Resume posted at Offshore Guides. Please feel free to post my Resume on the web as you see fit.

Russell F
Crane Operator

I see what you mean now with the first impression being all that it can be and how much a decent resume makes the difference I loved the cover letter and thanks for all your help with this.

Entry Level

Hi Capt. Ron, ( 1st letter)

Thanks much for your email

Okay - I give up. You are perfectly right in what you say. However, as can be seen from my track record, I have held many positions during my career. Working through the "oil patch" from diver (air, gas bounce and saturation) - diving s/v - diving superintendent, barge master etc. and on to consulting, repping etc.

My problem is trying to get all this across to the prospective employer. I know most of these resumes are perused and approved by so called HR personnel - who in most cases do not know a 'riser' from a BOP. Unfortunately, we have to live with this. It's like trying to get the proverbial 25lbs of s... in a 10 lb paper bag.

I can better relate to you as you are an offshore man yourself and therefore much more qualified to get a better prospective on the matter. So I am going to take you up on your offer and have you put my life history in perspective .

Hi Captain, (2nd letter)

Thanks much for the're truly a miracle worker, and I can honestly say that I can recommend you to anyone looking for a truly professional employment service.

As I have just received it, I will now take my time and go through it and let you know if there are any changes as you asked.

Very best regards,
Harold K
St. Philip, BARBADOS
Barge Captain

Hi Cpt Ron,

Thanks for an impressive CV.

I have troubled you more than most other guys, I think. I will keep you informed if I get anything.

Kind Regards,
Everard H
Captain / Barge Engineer

Thanks Ron,

This resume looks great.

I am thankful for your website

Robert S
Port Neches, TX
Entry Level

Capt' Ron,

Hey just wanted to give you a big THANKS for the tech assist on my resume. It looks great now! I would also like to say thanks for the web site.

There's just not that many sites that cater to our offshore crafts. I've spent ruffly fifteen years @ sea and I love it And that's coming from a mountain boy. But its still relatively small community and your site is what we need to keep up with wha'ts going on out there.

Great job on the resume and cover letter!

Best Regards,
Dennis B
Rig Welder


Thanks for the help. Your draft is much more concise and impactful than the one I was using

. I will make the changes at your website, if you could read through my resume one last time and give me a final seal of approval, I would appreciate it.

It is truly a pleasure doing business with you too.

Thanks again,
James S
New Orleans, LA
Night Cook

Dear Capt Ron,

Please activate my resume which you have so wonderfully made

. Now I am looking forward to a good offshore oil job. I will follow all your advice for which I request you to monitor my efforts.

Capt Tejbir S

Thanks for your Email of 6 Feb forwarding my son Tejbir Singh's draft resume. You have done a wonderful job which I much appreciate. You know that both Capt Tejbir Singh and myself (Cmde Amrik S Mayer) are registered with you.

Cmde Amrik M
Stamford, CT

Hi Ron

Your web site has been a great source of info, thanks. I subscribed to your CV writing service yesterday. As a new bod to the rigs i'm thinking this is my best chance. I have 4 years of marine welding and pipefitting fabrication experience so here's hopeful.

What I need to know now is "what happens next?" How do you collect my details? How long does the process take? and any tips on mailing please. Here's looking forward to your return mail.

Martin R
Catering Department

Hello Cpt. Ron,

My name is Mike and I am not even sure if my resume made it to you. If it did, as you can see I am number one of the "nine out of ten" that has a lot of professional experience but can not write a resume.

Just wanted to say hold onto that thought with my resume and I am considering letting go of the $ and letting you build it for me. Do not let that miserable copy out on the net! Looking forward to new possibilities.

Mike S,
Entry Level

Yes, I thought you did a fine job rewriting, I have received several good offers after downloading my new resume and posting on other sites

Jessie N
Liberty, TX
Rig Superintendent

Hi Ron,

I had a look at your promotional site and I think it is a great idea. It shows a cross section of the offshore / oilfield / maritime jobs industry at the grass roots section-too many offshore oil job sites cater only to the multitude of Engineering disciplines and neglect entry level job seekers.

Your Resume is much superior to the one I was using (home made, of course) and I have it floating all round the world in its various guises of .txt, .doc and .html. For those web sites that demand .txt or .doc resumes I have maintained the language and style that you produced for me.

I would absolutely recommend your service to others, and indeed have been doing almost from the start. In turn I occasionally get emails from workers on oil rigs and employment sites who have seen my Resume posted on the Offshore Guides site. Please feel free to post my Resume on the web as you see fit.

Russell F
Crane Operator

Captain Ron

Thank you for your email chastising me for an incomplete resume. I have duly completed said resume and send it to you for your critical evaluation.

Please let me know what you think

Kevin B