General Comments

Hi Captain Ron

I think this is probably the most valuable info on any site. Keep up the good work. You give us all hope in finding a offshore oil rig job. I particularly like the Message Board as it is interactive. Would like to have seen more jobs advertised and response from more employers. Fraternal greetings from South Africa

Sakkie N

Hi Ron,

I'm glad to be part of Offshore Guides, so far you are the only one who has given me any help on this situation!

I've sent out five resumes to the big drilling contractors in Houston. No reply yet. They are advertising for Rig Electricians but it seems they are not hiring many????

Do you think it is worth my while to go to Houston in May, take the SCR course with Ross Hill Controls (costs$1000.00) and then visit some of the drilling contractors at that time???

Or should I just keep on sending resumes for offshore oil rig employment? Or maybe try to get in as a roughneck? What do you think???

Kevin S
Lakeville, MN


Thanks for the e-mails, and to know that there is actually a human at the other end.

I am working as a rig electrician with COSDC ( China Offshore Southern Drilling Company ) currently in the middle of a drilling programme with CACT onboard the Z32/2 platform in the China Sea approx 60Km off Hong Kong.

I look forward to your reply and keep up the good work!

David T

Hi Ron!

It's Fredrik here! I find your offshore guides job site very inspiring and helpful in pointing me in right direction!

Actually i am going to the new stena drilling oil rig that i spoke of before. The rig is not finished yet but they say it will be soon, i am going now tomorrow to stavanger in norway where the final preparations will be made. I am going to work as a offshore rig welder. I have been hired since 30 juli so my test period is going to be finished 1 august and after that i will be hired permanently.

I will try to keep in touch to see what happens. If my cv can remain i would be grateful because there can always come up a job you can't say no to. See you!

Fredrik H


Dear Captain Ron,

Hi how are you doing, this is James David Thomas writing to you sir, I am a registered user of I was very much impressed by information provided on your website and your early response.

I had been waiting for a month to see the status as PENDING AND THEN I was thrilled one morning to see my status as ACTIVE, that's really great Captain Ron.

By the way I would like to bring to your kind notice that my dad's name is also Ronny who is britisher but settled in India. By the way I would like to have your photograph.


James T,

Cpt Ron,

Two things for you today: First, I tried to update my resume on your web. I made changes and when i tired to submit the changes I got this "warning " message saying there is a problem on line 81. Well I got back to my resume but could not find any problem with line 81. Could you please take a look and let me know what's wrong with it?

Second, I live off the coast of CA , Long beach is not too far from me, and every time i go to the beach i see all these offshore oil rigs. I'm pretty sure there are some offshore jobs i could apply for on some of them... well the problem is: I dont know where to go to apply... .Would you be able to help in this matter?

Thank you,
Bruno Dal-Pra
Riverside, CA

I leave out of Port Fourchoun on occasion for an offshore oil rig job. I enjoy working land jobs myself, because of the long boat rides. I like the chopper rides though. I'm a private pilot myself. I like going over to Grand Island in the summer and check out the babes.

I take it you're an old married man though and can't do those things. HA! Anyway I work with the mud engineers from MI and for the most part they are a good group.

Well keep up the good work on your site. I run across folks on occasion who used your site as I did. I gave your website address to some high school kids I play golf with who are interested in working in our industry. It has more info. than I could give.

Jimmy M
Sherwood, AR

Hello Cpt. Ron

I know maybe my letters boring , but YOU! are only my chance to get involved in offshore oil and gas production. I am almost 40 years old - so sad! And my clock is running faster and faster! WHAT I have to do to make You think about Radoslav Nakev from tinny Bulgaria at least 5 min. every day ???????? WHAT ?????

Let me explain. Me and my wife Stefka (both radiologic technologist) we are unemployed last 2 years. It is a DRAMA!!! NO I AM NOT CRYING!!!

I am ready to fight for my offshore oil rig job dream! I am well educated , responsible person and all my life was fight. I did never get any thing easy and free.

Mr. Edwards dear Cpt. Ron as I writed 2 months ago my personal offer to You is 100% of first 2 months offshore salary:)

Radoslav N

Dear Captain Ron:

You have a wonderful site that I've been looking at and it struck me that you may be able to advise or give me a lead. I am a researcher working on a new IMAX film that will be the in-house permanent film, "The Story of Texas" at the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin Texas.

One of the most dramatic sequences will be aerial shots of one of the huge offshroe oil rig platforms off the Texas Gulf Coast. The director, Al Reinert, wants "direct quotes" from guys who work out on those platforms--description and stories in their own words, about their lives and work out there.

I have plenty of oral histories from the old days in the oil patch, but so far haven't found what we need: interviews / oral histories by modern offshore job workers.

I saw the letters on your site, which are close to what we need, though not enough about the work out there. Do you know of others or can you point me to anyone or any institution that might help us? (Of course the producer will have to track each person down, to gain their permission--after they choose which ones fit best.)

I appreciate your time and information. Thanks very much!

Capt Ron

When will your new Book be ready? I am looking forward to it and cannot wait to read it . Does it perhaps have a Address Book as well? Will you send me a copy of it, either by post or e-mail. Please let me know.

I am still willing and ready for an offshore oil rig job. I will work anywhere, and will work as a Rig clerk or Painter. I will fly anytime and I am not scared to fly because I see it in this viewpoint if it is your time to go then it will be your turn. We all have to go that way and there is nothing you can do about it.

Will you thank Carlyn on my behalf for letting me know that you were offshore and that you will only be back this week. What is the latest activities offshore at this stage, is there new activities coming up and how do you see the demand for oil production and new drilling opportunities worldwide?

Do you have any new job opportunities yet? Please let me know.

Thank you
Cornelius T


Believe it or not I do appreciate your help. I guess I'm just letting my nerves get the better of me - worried about being out of work.

You do make a good point. How is it that some parts of the oilfield are crying for people and other parts are laying off? I have no answer for that.

For myself I was last working with Transocean, as a Rig Clerk. Well, oil is now down to less than $20 per barrel. Transocean stacked 2 of their rigs. I had less than a year with the company so they laid me off and put one of the longer time people in my spot.

If I had been in the shoes of the longer term people I would have appreciated that. But, unfortunately, I was in the short timer position {wry grin!}

Thank you for taking care of adding me to the dispatcher/rig clerk category for an offshore job. I have worked under the title Dispatcher before. Actually what is the difference between Clerk and Dispatcher? Different bosses I have had have referred to me as either or both.

How does it work? John Doe with XYZ, Inc. sees my name in the database and thinks I would be a good fit for him. What happens next, please? Thank you again for your help. I truly do appreciate it.

P.S. I would LOVE to give you the $ for the subscription service. But right now I simplycan't afford it.

Yours Truly,
Gary B

Dear Ron,

Thank you very much for your email with comments and helpful advices and all efforts you done to help me in my offshore job search , I really appreciate this.

At the moment I get little busy with other things, but soon will come back to you. Thanks you again and best regards.

You are the best, no doubt,
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Hi Cpt Ron,

It is good to start the new year with a e-mail message from you after I returned from holiday. Cpt Ron enclosed you will find the way that I am e-mailing my "application" for offshore oil rig employment to recruitment companies in South Africa.

I know that I first have to gain actual offshore job experience before I can approach International oil companies in order to get paid in dollars. Thank you once again for your extra effort in guiding the CV Resume of beginners.

Yes, a lot of "soul searching" went into my CV after I made contact with you and you made me realize some points that I was not even aware of in the offshore oil rigs.

About the people who presented the course; I can only speak of highly. The fully qualified medic gave us teaching over two days with the most realistic teaching methods and and we were taught the first aid necessary in the offshore environment.

We were given Firefighting training @ the Fire Departments Training centre in Tokai at Cape Town by a firefighter with more than ten years firefighting experience. The training on the offshore safety and survival was given in conjunction by a NSRI (National Sea Rescue Institute) active member and a safety officer on a offshore oil rig in Gulf of Mexico.

The course is accredited by Lloyd`s QA Department to ISO 9001 Standards. The course lasted seven days. The course taught me a lot of things I did not know and also what is expected of me under some dangerous conditions but most of all that safety is of utmost importance.

The course cost me R2350.00 (@R10.00 to the $ it was about $23.50) Now to me in rands that is a lot of money!!, but I did it and now I can add it to my Resume.

The course presenter furnished me with a few recruitment agencies situated around my coastal side of South Africa, which I have sent my CV and Resume to and am now waiting for a response as I sent it at the end of last year.

I have also sent my CV via e-mail to three oil companies that has offshore oil rig jobs in Angola. It is apparently a area that is yielding good oil finds.

So Cpt that is all for now from my side. I know that I must be patient and keep searching for that door to open.( It seems that the door I am talking about is like the door of the human heart that only has a handle on the inside that can be opened when Jesus knocks at the the door of the heart!)

Regards and God Bless
Dolf B

Capt. Ron:

Hi again. The name of the school is Oilwell Drilling Technology. Its address is at No. 98 Road 1 corner Road 3, Project 6, Quezon City, Luzon, Philippines. I've visited the IADC website and the school checks out.

The name of the instructor is Engr. Benjamin Cabanglan. He said he is a veteran of the offshore oil rigs for 27 years. I visited the school last week and looked for him. The secretary said he was recalled to the work as a Senior Toolpusher again. I didn't catch the name of the rig or it's location.

Thanks for answering my email. I can see light at the end of the tunnel again.

Eduardo H

Hi Ron

My name is Lisa and I am the wife of a rigpig who often visits your site and message board. My hubby is Paul Masters who had numerous e-mail contact with you. He was a subscriber but it recently expired. His quest for offshore employment has become a job for both of us. I do all the work while he's out on the patch.

I have spent numerous hours on the net checking out sites and I now have a better understanding of the whole Offshore Oil Job Industry. When we first started I thought it would be easy with Paul having 5 years experience, but was not the case.

Being in Australia makes it harder as the phone calls become costly, and so does postage etc. It might come to us saving our dollars and sending Paul overseas to go doorknocking!!!

Thanks for all the feedback you've given us. It's nice to know someone out there is on our side.

Your message board is a great idea although I get a good laugh when I see people sending in their credentials looking for you to give them a job. Haven't they bothered to read the rest of your site? I'll keep you posted on any miracles that should come our way. Until then keep up the excellent work.

Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Hi Ron,

It's nice hearing from you once again and I hope your business is doing well. Here's the latest and greatest: I'm the Operations Manager in Contract Manufacturing in a different industry, and I really enjoy what I do - June was my one year service anniversary.

I very much appreciated your insights and advice, which helped me to enhance my focus on what I was going after. And here's how small the world is, one of my partners at this company, worked in the oil industry most of his life, in fact, his dad in law still is and is in high demand.

Let's drop each other a line once in awhile, you never know what the future will bring. If I'm ever down your way and our schedule permits, coffee is on me. God bless and thanks again

Paul S
Collierville, TN


Ron gross for roughnecks ,is about $7,000 US per month in the Gulf Of Mexico. Gary is definitely thinking about going overseas, service rigs he hears it is about a $1600 a month increase if he goes for 21 days on/ off. He does not get that here in Alberta.

Sherri G
Alberta, CANADA

hi Ron,

It's been a pleasure for me to keep in touch with u but i have one more question to ask u. why is so difficult for a romanian guy to get a offshore job job on a oil rig? is this a matter racism or what? i see it doesn't matter i've got prior experience.

if u have something interesting to tell me about how to apply for a job , i mean any information, do not hesitate to write back. i'm very grateful for all the help you provide.

thanks again for everything
costel c

Dear Mr. Edwards:

It was a pleasure to talk with you this afternoon as it is so hard to talk to a humam online about any type of offshore oil rig job. I think the who, what, where, and how of offshore oil drilling would make a fascinating subject for our audience. I thank you in advance for your help on this project. I will let you know how we do.

Thank you for your recent e-mail. We did do a show from the "Britannia" offshore platform in the North Sea as part of our "Where In The World is Matt Lauer" series in early May.

As part of the program, NBC News correspondent, Bob Hager went to a natural gas platform in the Gulf of Mexico and traced for our viewers how the natural gas is taken from the bottom of the gulf and delivered to our homes. The show was a great success. Thank you for your interest.

Mary O
Special Projects Producer
NBC News' Today Show

I am to write this letter as a motivation to you of what we would like to have. We are a young retired couple and would like to move to this challenge both to see other countries and adventure but also to earn meanwhile to make our retirement with less worries and more enjoyable and also "payable".

From our CV you will be able to conclude that we had as a couple very interesting and adventurous experience, touring and working widely through our country. I hereby would like you to help us to get offshore jobs at the same time on the same place.

We are willing to start at the bottom wherever hands are needed and we can be of use. We would like to move as needed to positions where we can do work more appropriate to our skills or again where they are in need of us. We are very keen and interested to work on the offshore oil job seismic survey boats in Brazil!

According to your previous e-mail we need to subscribe for your personal help / assistance. Please let us know if the cost is double for the two of us and we can pay by transfer / cash immediately.

Johan's CV is already sent for your attention. Attached follows Mariana, Piekaar's Johan's wife :

Johan P
Lichtenburg, SOUTH AFRICA


Thanks for your keen interest and concern about the Jackup search. We got nothing and the timing was so short. Was a deliberate attempt from some Shell crooks to corner the offshore oil rig jobs for the few who already have rigs in Nigeria.

I enjoyed yr offshore guide and would continue to be of tremendous reserviour for offshore employment matters. We in Nigeria so rely on the info for our business.

Will you be at the Offshore Technical Conference this year in Houston? I will be there. Check yr mails to know my hotel. Once again thanks for yr interest and am looking forward to some good business with you.


Hi Ron

I live in South Africa and would like to ask your advice on how to start an Offshore Employment Agency. I am currently working in Brazil on the Nymphea (South Seas Driller). I have been working at my offshore oil rig job for 7 years and only the last 3 years as an expatriate.

A lot off people always approach me for oil rig jobs offshore and I can not really help them the way I would like.

I have also noticed in your Offshore Guides about all the scams and has been told by many people about money they have lost through ignorance. Entry level offshore jobs is non-existing due to the A/A. On the Rig I am on we are 8 S.A.

SA.'s with experience prior offshore oil rig experience is normally in demand as Offshore Oil Companies can pay us less. Ex. 2500 USD is the equivalent of 24000 Rand which is a lot off money in SA. South Africans are prepared to work anywhere especially if they can earn USD.

Your help in this would be appreciated, as I would really like to help people, make a little money on the side and have a good name ( Not a con artist ).

Best Regards
Peter L

Dear Mr. Ron,

Once again thanks for your favour. I would definetly try my all level best to hit all the sites of my interest.

In the mean time you are also kindly requested to please notify me whenever you find a offshore oil job vacancy (of my type). Please do not hesitate to let me know. Thanks a lot.

Sincerely Yours,
Fawad S


I wish to thank you for your help in bringing oil to the notice of the authorities and assisting us to get a refund. Again thank you.

Very best regards
Rob M
Queensland, AUSTRALIA

For the past week i have taken my courses for safety. i have received all courses which include: WHMIS, TDG, First Aid, CPR A and C, Fire Safety and H2S

I have passed all courses with hi mark 98% and well now im looking for a offshore oil rig job... i came across your site and well i have been looking, faxing, and emailing alot of places.

im really interested in the offshore oil rigs.... Ron if you have any info that would help me out i would be greatly appreciated.... im a hard worker and ready to find the right job

Chris H


I just wonder.....if you have such professional workers, they are doing a hard job and.. must be stressed....

Are you interested to send them a professional masseurin / therapeut, working with chinese method from switzerland?? which is traveling around the world and looking for a unusual-job?? If so, please contact me!

Gabriela S
dipl. Masseurin

hi capt. ron,

was wondering if you know of any part time fill in work, as i'm waiting for things too cool down in w africa, before noble puts hands back out on the offshore oil rigs working this area. thought you might have some ideas being in the loop as you are.

also, what's the fastest way to get a z card? thank you as your advice is always well taken.

gary a
Gulf Breeze, FL, USA