Direct Access

I maintain a current list of offshore oil rig employers for those of you who are interested in spending their time APPLYING for jobs as opposed to FINDING COMPANIES TO APPLY WITH. There are a lot of "click bait" sites listed under any search for offshore oil jobs. "Click Bait" sites sound promising at first, but end up not only wasting your time but causing you frustration. If you've spent any time at all looking for work in the offshore oil job sector, you know what I'm talking about. If you're not familiar with the term "Click Bait," read about it in Chapter 11 of "Your Pathway."

Direct Access is an exclusive data base I've developed over the last 20 years to make ones search for an offshore oil rig job a little easier. It will provide you with a direct connection to companies that are now hiring, both entry level and experienced personnel for a variety of offshore oil jobs, both in the US and overseas. It's simple to use, works much like a search engine, except it contains only offshore oil rig companies, maritime companies and companies that are involved in the oil & gas industry in one way or another.

Cpt Ron,

This was the first interview and offshore oil rig job that I got as a result of your web site. Entry level provided me with the introduction to the offshore job industry allowing me to prove myself. Subsequent jobs and consulting positions have been very financially rewarding.

Your website works! If people will apply themselves with a solid work ethic, they will reap the benefits.


De Funiak Springs, FL

Hi Ron!

Once again thanks a lot for helping me find a job in the oilfield industry!!! I went to Texas in December and spent 6 weeks on actual drilling rigs, thanks to your site!!

I have recently discovered that I might become a commercial pilot and have put the oilfield job career "on hold" for a while. I will contact you as soon as I start re-pursuing a career in the oil industry, and will definitely refer your site to anyone interested in offshore oilrig jobs.

But as for the time being I am interested in my resume being posted on your site. Thank you for your all your help.

Yours sincerely,
Michal S

Thanks for your inquiry.

I am currently working offshore for Global Marine Drilling Co as a Galley Hand. I have completed my on job training program for Storekeeper and was hoping to find that type of position with another company. It would probably be 2-3 years before that position would become available to me with Global and I hate galley work but do it because I like working offshore.

Thought your website was great and very true to form as to how it really is offshore especially the part about people being in supervisory positions and having no social skills. Boy is that a fact!

Thanks again,
Patricia C

Your web site is very informative and your subscription service is going to be very helpful. I have already sent out a lot of re sumes; And have gotten a lot of responses . I am still waiting to hear from a few that I am interested in. Thanks for the info!
Bryan R

Capt. Ron,

I had made the decision to initiate a career change and work offshore. I took a position as a roustabout to get my foot in the door and demonstrate my work ethic competing with people 1/2 my age. I lasted! I have taken advantage of every training course offered by companies, some at my own expense.

I am now working within my field as a very highly compensated safety/medical consultant specializing in anti-terrorism and hostile environments. Roustabouting certainly gives you a unique perspective and will help in communicating safety issues to younger guys.

The Oil Patch is truly a great place to advance quickly if one applies one's self. There were a few days when I walked out on to the deck and thought " it sucks to be me today" Glad I stuck it out!

Thanks again for your help, if I can ever help you do not hesitate to contact me.

Fair Winds & Following Seas,
M. Smith /RD-2
Galveston, Texas

I got employment this week with ENSCO by using your direct access service. I start next week Monday.

Thanks for all your help,
Thomas H
Columbus, MS


Things are going very well since I signed up for your service. Transocean has moved me from elect. to instrumentation, which was a good move for me. We do need good industrial elect. and inst. people.

Michael W
Chief Elect / Inst.
Deer River, NY
Transocean Deepwater Millennium


I now am working for ABDON CALLAIS OFFSHORE as second captain

I will keep your site in case it becomes needed again by either myself or my friends and family.

Wes Rasmussen
Beaumont, TX, USA

Ron, sorry to respond only now but my E-mail address has changed without me knowing. I like to thank you I just received my first invitation for a job in North America


Hi, I'm Jeremy's mother. I just wanted to say thanks for the information that you put on the internet.

Jeremy contacted the employment service in Biloxi. They advised him on getting his Z card and he is now employed with TRICO Marine Operations, Inc. He is working on getting his AB ticket. He works 28 on 14 off. Great benefits and good pay. Jeremy would of never been able to get anything around our area that pays that good without your help.

I pray he continues to do good and move up in the company. He wants to be a captain one day.

Keep up the good work on helping young men to find offshore oil rig jobs.

I pray GOD will bless you and your family,
Connie M
Enterprise, MS

I got an offshore job with diamond a year or so ago using your service. Hired on as a roustabout. Never missed work, always showed up for crew change, did my best and got promoted After about a year I got promoted to floorhand and did the same thing.

I tried and got promoted to derrickhand and am now up for an assistant driller job. I have been to so many schools and have licenses and cards and could get a job with any company in the oilfield.

I have seen so many people come and go . My advice would be that you first need to show up, then you need to be prepared to work. Anyone who can do those simple things can make it.

Thanks for the info i am working and making good money,
Craig P
Brackettville, TX

Thanx Ron,

Thank you for your honesty and I appreciate the fact that you do your best to keep your web site up to date. I understand that a subscription to your site will not guarantee me a position on a rig but if one do not try all your options you can just as well leave it, or what?

Just as long as I get some reliable contact numbers and e-mail addresses of companies, I will "sell" myself to them to the best of my abilities.

Thanx for your time,

Hello Captain:

I have a job offer at 255/day (pending physical, drug test, etc.) from chouest. Nice boats, good company, etc. They don't send ab's overseas though. What are my chances of doing better, pay wise, waiting for an overseas position?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Shannon R
Pensacola, FL

Hi Cpt Ron,

I got hired many thanks for some advice u gave me ......This the company im working with: RigNet Asia. Now im back on track....

Mohammed Haniff

Captain!!! Good to hear from you!! Well, things are better than I had anticipated! As you know, I got on with Noble Drilling. I just came back to Texas from their southern Louisiana training yard. It was basically 7 days of safety procedures and a day of learning how to rig lines to move cargo (pipe, barrels, etc.)

The company is EXCELLENT. The benefits are great! Anyhow, now I'm just hanging out waiting for them to call and assign me to a rig. They said to figure on 4-7 days, so now I'm just camping out, helping my dad with his company. Thanks Captain!! BTW - How are things in your neck of the woods?

Gerd C
Houston, TX

hey capt. ron

thought i'd drop you a line, thanks for the advice about staying after noble. just got back from houston interview last week and then to la for the manual / stress test part of it

passed everything even with my tired old 50 year ass. they said they should have rig asignment for me in couple of weeks.

thanks much my freind, i,ll stay in touch.

Best Reguards
Gary Atkinson
Rome, GA

Hello Ron,

Great news to report. My contact at Pride International told me this morning that they hope to have me come to work for them as a crane operator starting next month.

I will be going to Houston to get checked out for my offshore oil rig job and checked in as well as physical and all that stuff. Great to finally have some commitment from them at this point. Hope everything goes smooth.

I am wondering if I might be able to call you by phone and ask you some general questions regarding pay, benefits and things of that nature in the industry and when working internationally?

I know that companies have differing packages for different people, positions, rigs, etc. Just wondering if you might be able to help me get a general idea of what to expect and details to look out for regarding salaries and compensation as a crane operator on a semi submersible working off Brazil and prior to that, working in the shipyard till she's ready for positioning to Brazil.

I am happy to take any info you may be able to provide by e-mail but if it's easier to talk about it by phone that's fine also. If you give your phone # I will not give it out. Understand from your website that this got out of hand when you had it available. You are welcome to call me or if you think you can answer by e-mail this is fine also.

Best regards,
Chris G
East Falmouth, MA

Captain Ron:

I was contacted by Pan Emirates Engineering for a offshore job they have open for an Engineer in the United Arab Emirates. Thought I'd let you know.

Any comments or feedback?

Paul S

Dear Mr. Edwards!

Thank you so much for your support! It seams just to good to believe! To prove my honesty to you I will perform my bank to bank transfer as soon as the banks are open again after new year!

Please bear with me until I can get the opportunity to transfer the money!

Best regards!
Mats R
Consultant & Offshore Installation Specialist

Dear Offshore Guides,

Thank you so much for helping find a offshoe job . I am very thankful and pleased.

Yours Truly,
Vonjeston D


I just got back from a hitch, and used the service to send my resume. I got a call back within an hour.

Captain William P
Austin, TX, USA

Hey Ron,

thank you for being so understanding, you must be sitting in the hot street waiting for E-mails coming in, or Fe-males, and where are you operating from, or is that top secret?

You have certainly given me a buzz tonight, as just this minute an e-mail has arrived for an interview on the first august with a UK company about an offshore job , I am happy about that, well its time to sign off now I will let you know how I get on, all the best.


Well Mr. Edwards persistence has paid off and I just received and accepted a job offer from Deepwater Corrosion May 31st. Have just spoken with the Operations Manager with whom I interviewed. The company is paying relocation and my sublet fee of $450.00 dollars to get out of my lease in Dallas/Fort Worth and a very generous compensation package.

Though they are looking for someone immediately the company is giving me until July 1st to report. I have two contracts in DFW which should be 90% complete by that time.

Not to belabor the point, but none of this would have been possible without Off Shore Guides and your help, particularly since I do not have previous offshore oil field experience.

Should you like me to post anything on the feedback section of your website please let me know.

Thanks again!
Joe M
Euless, TX

Capt. Ron,

I have just purchased your subscriptions service and was wondering how I access the information available from the purchase. Your website has been the most informative of all that I have investigated.

I have been considering an offshore oil rig job for quite some time now, and I think I am ready to get started. Thank you for your time and the information you provide.

Thank you again,
Michael M
Surfside Beach, SC

Hey, I just got a roustabout job last week on a jackup working 14/14 in the Gulf. Thanks for posting my resume, I'll keep you guys in mind if I need help in the later.


I have been contacted by Cyde Gregerson from Todco. I'll let you know if I get hired. Right now they are checking out my references and doing a back ground check.

Carlos N
Huntsville, AL


I have been working for Diamond Offshore now for 2 years. Love my job am all the way up to derrick hand. Thanks for asking.

Jeffery G
Groves, TX

(1st letter) I just interviewed with Noble last week . I'm currently waiting on a assignment. It should be any day this week. I had applied for the PC field tech that's on their website. Lafayette base is only an hour from here.

When I got there they said the position had already been filled. Nice of them to let me know, eh?

I decided to get a little more offshore experience under my belt before pursuing anything else. But after I saw this listing I began to have second thoughts. I hate moving around from company to company. I haven't faxed my resume off yet to Diamond. Waiting for a strike of lightning or something I guess. Any advice?

My brother-in-law works in Nigeria for Mobil excuse me... Exxon-Mobil.... on a gas production platform. He enjoys it. Although he's been with Mobil for 19 years. I probably would enjoy it to.

If I stay with the drilling, I'm looking for a place where I won't have to worry about a rig being stacked or shipped overseas. Roustabouts don't have the option of going overseas....

The nine-to-five routine has really burnt me out, thus the reason for offshore . But Mr Mortage comes due every month.

(2nd letter) I enjoyed my first hitch ......if you average the days... days that were good and days that suck. I plan on staying.......I guess it's time for a change in careers.....What the quickest path to a BCO---Ballast Control...... any idea?

I'm going to stick around for a while.....The rig is the Homer Ferrington. Deep water, crew change out of galveston...If the rig were to go overseas, roustabouts don't get to travel overseas......I will be glad to get rid of that green hat after 6months.......

Jeffrey M

Marksville, LA

Hi Ron,

Yes. I am fully employed by Transocean as a Mechanical Supervisor. Life is good.

Keith J
Chief Engineer
Port St Lucie, FL

Dear Capt.Ron

Thank you for all. This way I would like to inform you that I have to fly in UAE (Dubay) to sign on a rig, same company. My contract is 7 months.

Thank you again,
Mitar R
Kotor, Montenegro

Dear Ron,

Thanks for the info, I have recently been awarded a contract in China with CNOOC.


Hello, I have found offshore

entry level employment. I never would have been able to to do it without you telling me what to look for.

thank you!
Michael M


just a quick one to let you know that I NOW WORKING FOR AMERADA HESS OFFSHORE DENMARK. I am actually looking for something further offshore. Thanks for you assistance and interest.


Dear Cpt Ron,

I have accepted an offer at Pentow Marine, in Natal and gaining a lot of experience.

Many Thanks,
Lee S


Yea, all fixed. I thought you were a mindreader? (I was afraid you were never going to talk to me again (grin) I appreciate your help and responses.

Drove 80 miless to OKC (Oklahoma City) and Tested and was hired by Belgar Cartage INC, took physical and told to come in this Monday to work as Mechanic and/or Welder. Full benefits, company will pay for re certification and tools, etc. (This is Excellent pay and benefits for this area)

Best Regards,
Geo P

Captain Ron,

Things are going well. Haven't heard from you in a while. I do hope everything is well with you.
If you remember, I went to work for Noble Drilling . I worked my way up to Barge Engineer on one of the few submersibles left here in the gulf.

Thanks for the email,
Jeffrey M
Marksville, LA

Hello Captain Ron

Just want to say thanks to all the good information you have given us in the past.

I would like to subscribe to your pro active offshore job search service to get a job in the oilfield patch, my question is when do the oil companies normally hire people and in my case entry level offshore people?


Dear Ron,

i've a good news for you.. that I am now working for Transocean in Indonesia (the company named Hitek Nusantara Offshore Drilling). I am a trainee for become a driller. The pay is alright for the start working offshore in Indonesia.

But iI think I will climb my way up. I am now in Rig Sedco 602, operating offshore madura straits east java, Indonesia. By the way.

Thanks a lot of what you've provide to me, gave such information about offshore industry. once again, thanks and good luck.

Andoko A

Hello, this is Michael's wife, Kathy. I am checking his mail for him because he is in new employee orientation. He will be back Friday, the 29th. Thanks for your help.

He told me he let you know he got the offshore job. Things happened very fast. He interviewed last week Mon and Tues, and was notified on Friday before 8 a.m . He will be in "deep water". I don't know what any of this means, so I will let the two of your correspond.

Have a nice week,
Kathy H

I got a job $21.00 hr thank you!!!!

Jack C
Pass Christian, MS

Dear Capt Ron,

HI. I just wanted to ask you a few questions. Yesterday I got an application in the mail from marine Drilling. I sent them my resume' via e-mail about a week ago. Do you think I should fill it out and send it back or is it just some standard type thing they do and I won't hear from them again?

I have no previous offshore oil rig job experience, but also yesterday, I had an interview with ACBL, a barge company in Jeffersonville, IN. I took a drug test and a physical for them yesterday also for a deckhand position.

Thank You,
Mike Nichol

Dear Mr. Edwards, (1st letter)

I read with interest every word of your website "Offshore Guides", including the "....Handbook Section.". Forgive my cynicism but I have come across untold numbers of "offshore job" websites, not only in oil and gas, but many other fields, where their only purpose was to prey upon folks who had been caught up in work force reductions, laid off, or out of work for other reasons beyond their control.

Either you are sincere and dedicated to what you espouse within your web site or the greatest con artist I have yet come across. Every one of your suggestions about finding work in this field made perfect sense to me, including applying for an entry level offshore job position, since I have absoutley no experience in the offshore oil industry. But I do have drive, determination, am honest, ethical, hardworking, and want to make a difference.

Within the next few days I will rework my resume along the guidelines you indicated. However, could I get your honest opinion whether you feel a 49 year old , ex-airport executive, with construction field experience, well versed in cooking for large groups, willing to do what is necessary to get my foot in the "offshore" door has any chance of being employed?

I do appreciate all the information contained on your website and will soon utilize your service.

Service Paid by personal check, mailed March 1 to your PO Box, probably a bit early to have been posted. Thanks for the info on cover letter to Schlumberger. Will edit prior to sending. Any leads you may have are greatly appreciated. Thanks

(2nd letter).....And thank you for your newsletter. I have to tell you the fact you take time out to let your subscribers know what is going on confirms my opinion (for what it is worth!) that "OFFSHORE GUIDES" is legitimate and above board.

As you stated there are a number of sites where you pay your money and never hear from the people, you are lucky to receive a robot letter! The sad part is people looking for work don't have an excess of discretionary income to begin with and they register with these sites in good faith and, some in desperation.

I think your statistic of 75% of all offshore jobs not being posted is right on and probably applies to any jobs of consequence in the general workplace as well. I look forward to when the page is posted.

As for my own job search I have not been at it long enough to give you any realistic feedback. Just browsing your job listings, though, indicates people with background and experience should have no problem landing an offshore job in the industry, assuming they are sincere and motivated.

No one can guarantee a job for another individual unless the applicant is motivated, takes the initiative and contacts employers, and just plain out hustles to sell himself. However, it is comforting to know you are in our corner!

People who know me think I'm "nuts" to start a new career at 49 in an industry where I know no one and have no background. But, likely as not, this will be the last career for me and I want to work where I can make a difference, be productive, proud of what I do, learn as much as I can, and make a reasonable living.

I will continue to check "OFFSHORE GUIDES", as well as the other links you provided, for new listings. The key words are patience and perseverance.

One more request, would you have the names of the daily newspapers in the Gulf Coast area which may run classifieds for job positions off shore? I could access their websites and find some leads in this manner.

Also wanted to mention your feature on the resume page (for paid subscribers) telling when you applied and the e-mail link to the company rep is very useful.

As always any suggestions you may have are welcomed. Even names of any of the service companies who provide food service, laundry, cleaning, etc. to offshore facilities would be helpful. Thanks again Ron, look forward to hearing from you!

(3rd letter) The interview went great and we talked for 40 min (The interviews were to be 10min long). It was with Sclumberger not BJ Services like I was told by the recruiter. I learned a lot about the business and how recruiters operate...

Sclumberger was trying to recruit for the western areas-wyoming, CO, etc. and wanted me to relocate. Great company benefits-the works, but for then one of their recruiters from Louisiana showed and offered "the same package" BUT it was offshore. T he LA guy mentioned 14/14 and my hand went straight up!

I did learn things and I'm glad I drove the 600mile round trip....Doing the sclumberger thing I could do with my eyes closed, I had to do similar in the Army - checking-off checklists, inventories, personnel, convoying from one point to the next and emplacement of the system.

Those guys were smart they knew all about the government moving personnel within a year after getting out. My gosh, YOU wrote the book! I've got more good leads and had calls trying to get me back to work in Saudi at a Saudi Air Force Base, a Shipyard in LA for contractor, manufacturing company in OK City.

Danos and culoes said to call back when application arrived, etc Hey what can I say? I'm sticking it out for the long haul until I can get my dream job back!!

Mr. Ron Edwards of "Off Shore Guides", (4th letter) Just a short note Ron to let you know how this subscriber is faring.

The job is quite challenging and exciting. One day I may be working in the reporting section either preparing reports to assist crews to mobilize out to a rig or processing data from crews returning from offshore and preparing reports for the client, the next day doing continuity testing on jumper flow lines or trees at FMC, or working with an independent lab to try and determine why a piece of equipment failed due to metal fatigue. I try and go that extra mile to justify the confidence these folks have shown in me.

I did get a couple of e-mails from a few subscribers and responded to them. Will write them again now that I have got my feet on the ground. Have also book marked their addresses should I come across any job openings since we do much of our work on site for clients.

Ron, I am not becoming wealthy but I sure am enjoying my job and my life much more than I have for a long time. By the way I am tentatively scheduled for a bit of survival training within the next couple of weeks in Lafayette??

Should that be anywhere near you let me know. Would appreciate a few minutes to personally thank you for your help and discuss anything I could do to assist your subscribers in finding work offshore

Joe M
Amrillo, TX

Cpt Ron!

I appreciate your e-mail! Getting ready to make the move to Houston by July1. You are one up on me Buddy, I had no offshore job experience. I did have a lot of transferable skills.

The fact I have no preious offshore job experience and I just turned 40 in April was not the problm I thought it would be.

In a nutshell I would say getting hired is 90% persistence and 10% luck. I know that sounds like the usual bullshit you hear from most of these job sites but to be specific:

  • Find out who makes the hiring decision and focus on them. With many of the larger companies you may have to go through 2 maybe 3 layers of folks to get to the one who decides who they hire. And you don't want to piss them off! It takes a subtle approach.
  • An e-mail or phone call every two to three weeks just making them aware you are still available and interested.
  • You may not be willing to do this, depending on your circumstances, but if you feel strongly enough about working at an offshore oil rig job and believe in the company you are applying with, tell them you are willing to accept what ever position they have available, just to prove you are what they are looking for.
  • And lastly, which probably should be listed first, if you know anyone in the industry, anyone at all that your prospective employer may have some nodding acquaintance with, drop the name or work it into a conversation or an e-mail.
  • For each advertised job position the company probably has 150 to 300 resumes. These people are just like the rest of us, if they see a name they recognize or a phone call recommending someone, that is the person who will get the interview.

I have to say one thing about Ron Edwards and his website, Off Shore Guides. He is legitimate, he is straightforward, and he is truly concerned about whether you get the job.

All he can do is keep the information on the website current, the rest is up to us. If you have any doubt at all about the format or appearance of your resume I would strongly recommend using his service Although I did have a few doubts about his accounting abilities when he didn't cash my check for 6 weeks.................. : )

Good luck. I have your e-mail address and if you will send a resume I will keep an eye open, once my feet are firmly planted on the ground (or offshore), and should I be made aware of an oil rig job position you might be interested in I will let you know.

Many Thanks!
Joe P

Gadsen, AL

Cpt Ron, I just recently got a job offshore. I had never saw a offshore oil rig until i put in my application. I got a call the next day. I was scared to death at first, because of the horror stories that you hear. After reading your web page and subscribing i am now excited about going.

Thanks for your web page it helps ease the minds of new people that are about to go for the first time ever . I am still scared of the unknown but more exited than any thing. Is there any advice that you have for some one that is going for the first time?

Brian W

Hey Ron!

Friday I go to Galveston for a mech. and personality test. They told me the schedule of work and man does it sound tough! 28 on 14 off. I will do it because I want it bad enough. Do you have any idea on what I should expect to get paid, they would not discuss it with me. Do you know around how much?

Hey Ron, guess what? TRANSOCEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got the job-Engine Room Hand. What is life like out there?

They are putting me up in Red Roof Inn for the night. Finally I am on my way. Any helpful advice?

I would really like to let other people read what I went through to get this offshore job. By the way I am giving up a 15 dollar an hour FOREMAN job, 5 miles from my house just to accomplish my goals in life.

I would be honored to be a part of the site. I want to help any way I can. I could care less about money, I just want to help. I will send you info when I get a chance. I will warn you, it is a long one.


Hey Capt. Ron,

Look's like I'm spending my money in the right place! I have accepted an offshore job with Eurest . I am going in as a galley hand, but with my management experience the fellow I interviewed with said I should move up quickly.

I researched this company and found them to be ok. If you know anything about them I should know I would like your opinion. I would like to thank you for your help and especially your personal input.

As I embark on this new career I will be glad to share your web page with people. It really helped me with what to expect. I'm sure allot of newbies would find it helpful. Again thanks and I wish for your continued success.

When I get back from my first "tour" I'll e-mail and let you know what I think of it. Should be back around the first week of June.

Jimmy M
Sherwood, AR

Hello Ron, just a quick note to let you know that I am working. I scored an offshore rig job with Medco Drilling in Indonesia.

I appreciate your site and yes I have come across Oilcareer, although I didn't use them I could see how easy it would be to be sucked in by their pushy/overbearing type of sales pitch.

Unfortunately I have been duped into using such a company many years ago so I am very wary of the bullshit promises these people give just to get your money. anyway keep up the good work, talk to you later.


Hey there Capt. Ron!

This is Efren. Just wanted to let you know everything is good in the gulf of mexico. Ever since I started my offshore oil rig job I can afford more things, and this brand new computer is one of them, the hell with that old webtv unit.


Good afternoon Ron,

I would just like to say thank you so far for what you done, you, help out a good bit. I have been contacted by companies here in Canada and in Newfoundland for work I am after 2 offshore oilfield jobs here one is Marine Atlantic which if i am lucky enough it will land in my town.

The 2nd one pays more money, $60,000 a year.

Thanks again,
Aaaron N






Thanks for the great site Ron

I am currently working as a Electronics Tech on ROV's. Its great. Glad I found your site.


Hi Cpt Ron,

Just writing to let you know that you're definitely on the right track as I spend countless hours scouring the net for prospective jobs and suitable offshore oil jobs are few and far between. Spending my hard earned money on an Offshore Guides subscription was a gamble for me when you're on a tight budget like myself. It took some consideration, but you came across as being genuine and the service as far as promptly responding to questions in person is very encouraging.

What I did with my resume was to apply for a Production Tech job first, then edit it For a Rig Mechanic position as it would look a bit weird with my objective stating my desire for a different job.

I'm sure you will agree my resume needs a lot of work to be presentable in this format. Basically there is too much information to take in. Even I am not interested in reading the whole thing from start to finish when editing it!!

A couple of pointers from you would help me out. I am not necessarily after what should and shouldn't be in it (but I won't argue if you advise me on this) rather how to change font size and type, and also how to insert columns, etc.

Thank you very much for your time as I realise that you must have hundreds of other people to help as well.

Mark P

Hello Cpt. Ron,

It's been awhile since I talked with you...about a year and a half. I've registered again on your website and posted my resume, which you have already reviewed and activated. I've also sent you a money order to gain direct access to all the job postings.

With the recent upswing in oil and gas prices, and the severe shortage of petroleum reserves, I feel the industry is moving toward high gear. I'm also ready once again, to start enjoying the rotating work schedules that only offshore oil rig jobs can provide.

Again, thanks for a great resource with your website, and all the assistance you provide in helping one find a offshore job.

Al D
Project Manager
Amarillo, TX

Working for Noble after signing up for the direct access .

Rex P
Boonville, AR