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Internet Ready Professional Resume

Order our Internet Ready Professional Resume TODAY

Many job seekers who write their own resumes...

just do not know they have sealed their fate due to bad writing and not understanding ATS!

In addition to the standard resume services, purchase of the professional package gets you:

  • • A hard selling cover letter
  • • 3 individual resumes for 3 different job objectives
  • • A separate list of references
  • • A thumb drive loaded with your resume, cover letter and references (good to have when you are interviewing)
  • • FREE unlimited updates and rewrites
  • • Ongoing support until you get hired
  • • The price for the Professional Resume Package is just $295
  • • Satisfaction Guaranteed
bad at writing

It makes good sense to hire us to write your resume!

  • We have years of experience in writing winning cover letters and resumes for offshore and maritime personnel from all over the world, entry level and experienced alike.
  • We simplify the process of selling yourself to employers using a phone, I-pad or computer.
  • We stand by you throughout your job search ready to modify and tweak according to what position you are applying for.
  • We turn this stress generating task into a stress-free experience for you.

Don’t learn this ONE fact the hard way:

  • • Good first impressions are crucial.

No matter whether you are entry level or experienced in working offshore, the key is getting a recruiter to call you for an interview above all others.

Internet Ready Professional Resume

$295 USD


  • Pro Cover Letter
  • Standard Resume
  • 3 Specific Job Objectives
  • Portable Thumb Drive
  • Unlimited Updates and more