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Prior Experience Personnel

Offshore, Oilfield and Maritime Oil Rig Jobs

If you have prior offshore or maritime oil rig job experience you know how valuable that experience is. Currently, there are MANY offshore oil rig jobs that go unfilled on a daily basis because recruiters cannot find qualified, dependable personnel. A lot of these jobs are not visible through normal internet searches and go to the person who does the research and spends the time to dig them out.

There are MANY offshore oil rig and maritime jobs available for experienced hands with prior experience, both in the US and overseas!

I hope you consider our services. We provide professional, reliable and affordable help for experienced offshore / maritime personnel who are having difficulty in getting hired in the job of their choice. If you are not getting a reasonable amount of job offers equal to your level of experience, it is time to do some trouble shooting in your online job search strategy. We suggest you stop what you are doing and have a look at what you are doing:

  • Get a complete check up on your job search strategy
  • It is likely you are not doing something correctly
  • You could be sabotaging your efforts and not know it
  • All of these are fixable


Most of the time the problem is found in one's resumé. This is the area where most people have difficulty and more than likely this is where your problem will be. Sadly, more than 65% of offshore oil rig job applications get rejected every day for one reason or another.

The worst of it is so many never find out why they are not getting any action in their job search. It's a shame, too, especially with all the available jobs and recruiters crying for experienced hands.

Here is a straight forward test to determine if your resumé or job search strategy is broken and preventing you from getting the job you want. Be honest with yourself and answer this one question:

Are you getting the number of responses, job offers and interviews a person with your experience should be getting?

If not, my recommendation is stop what you are doing and have a look at what you are doing. Don't let the job you want go to someone else, maybe even someone less qualified than you because of a simple error that can be easily fixed!

You will not get a second chance to make a good first impression!

Resumé problems are at the top of the list for offshore oil rig job rejections. The Complete Offshore Oil Rig Job Guide will explain this in great detail in Chapter 7, and will walk you step-by-step on how to fix the problem. Get your FREE COPY today!

Thanks again and have a blessed day!

CptRon phot

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