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The Complete Offshore Oil Rig Job Guide

Through the feedback of thousands of job seekers like yourself, this valuable but hard to find information has come together in a way that is easy to read, easy to understand and provides the following helpful information:

  • • Current Employment Outlook
  • • Qualifications
  • • Training and Advancement Programs
  • • Schools that Specialize in Oilfield Certifications
  • • Work Schedules
  • • Domestic and Overseas Opportunities
  • • Available Positions
  • • Entry Level Opportunities
  • • How to Apply & What to Apply For
  • • Reporting for the Interview
  • • Beware of Recruitment Fraud
  • • Women In The Industry
  • • 11 full chapters

If you have downloaded this book, would you be so kind as to let me know what you honestly think about it. Thanks!

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Title: The Complete Offshore Oil Rig Job Guide
Author: Ron Edwards
Pages: 150+ pages
Publisher: Offshore Guides Press

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