Current Job – Roustabout

The Roustabout will safely and efficiently perform the general manual labor tasks throughout the rig under the supervision of the Crane Operator. This includes, but is not limited to, offloading and back-loading of supply vessels, maintenance, clean up, housekeeping, chipping and painting of the rig, the movement and relocation of supplies, groceries and equipment of the rig, simple maintenance and repairs to the plumbing and sewer systems, working in the chemical mixing area, as well as providing relief workers for the drill floor crew and assistance to the Welder, Mechanic, Electrician, Driller or Derrickhand as directed to do so by the Crane Operator.

The roustabout position is an entry level position. Which means you do not have to have any "prior offshore experience" to get hired. The "no prior offshore experienced" is the main roadblock you will encounter if you want to work offshore for the first time.

Notice I used the words "main roadblock." This is just one stumbling block. There is another one, and that is how your present yourself (through your resume or CV) to a potential employer. Most people get this wrong. This will be a stumbling block even if you have years of prior offshore experience.

This is where I have helped many others before you, and this is where I can best help you. For over 20 years I've been helping people get hired offshore when they did not know who to talk to, what to apply for, or how to run a successful job campaign using the internet.

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