Current Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

Companies are NOW HIRING and in need of the following personnel. These are just a few of the positions I can help you find and get hired for. Many people will tell you offshore is in a slump, NOBODY IS HIRING, there are no jobs, etc., etc.

Here’s an insider tip: Find out for yourself.

Even with the COVID mess and all the recent layoffs, companies are NOW HIRING both entry level and experienced personnel, for a variety of positions, both in the US and overseas. Here’s a small sampling:

Are you not having any success with your offshore job search? Sending out dozens and even hundreds of resumes or CV’s with no response?  Then read on:

It does not matter how many available jobs there are, nor does it matter how good your skills and experience are. What matters is interaction with a human person. If a real human recruiter does not personally put their eyes on your resume or CV, it is doubtful you will hear from anyone. Ever. Here's why:

  • Many applicants are in a daze as how to apply and even what to apply for 
  • Others do not have a clue as to what ATS is and how vital it is to a successful job search. It’s a deal breaker. Get it wrong and you’re out 
  • Lazy ones look for the easy way instead of doing whatever it takes 
  • The downtrodden are discouraged, have basically given up, and believe the best days of oilfield and offshore jobs are far behind
  • You’re receiving unemployment and don’t want to go back to work just yet
  • If you don’t see your “reason” for not getting hired offshore, let me know and I’ll add it here

Here are 3 essentials for finding work in today’s offshore drilling industry:

  • Reliable contact with companies that are NOW HIRING
  • A professional presentation
  • A commitment to see the process through, to do what is “hard and necessary” as opposed to what is “fun and easy.”

If you want to put some serious traction in your job search:

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If you want additional assistance, send an email to with the following:

  1. Your “particulars,” your work experience, your resume, CV, work history, etc.
  2. The position you are applying for
  3. What the results of your job search have been for the last 90 days

Please send what I have requested in the order I requested it.