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Professional Career Coaching

Professional career coaching provides you with all the tools needed for a Professional Presentation plus access to active industry oilfield related company jobs.

The two things you need to have for a successful job search, whether you are a first time entry level greenhorn or an old salt with many years experience under your belt are:

  • • A professional presentation
  • • Current, reliable contacts with companies that are NOW HIRING

Working with me personally will provide you with a direct link to industry oilfield-related companies that work onshore and offshore, all over the world. These companies have over thousands of posted jobs including many entry level position that need to be filled TODAY.

I will personally work with you to find active job-specific postings to which you can apply.

Here are some of the job categories listed in postings from oilfield-related companies:

• Air Transport & Medical
• Catering
• Completion & Wireline Services
• Corrosion Control
• Environmental
• Exploration & Production
• Heavy Lift Transport
• Inland Towing
• Lift Boats
• Marine Services
• Maritime Transportation
• Offshore Drilling Contractors
• Offshore Employment Agencies
• Offshore Engineering & Construction
• Oil & Gas Development
• Oil Companies
• Onshore & Offshore Drilling
• Refineries
• Shipyards
• Subsea & Diving & ROV
• Water Transfer
• Wind Power
offshore oil rig

Time is valuable, you want to spend your time actually applying for jobs as opposed to spending your time searching for jobs to apply for. Professional career coaching will provide you with one on one personal contact with oilfield, offshore, maritime and special service company recruiters that are NOW HIRING!

This might come as a surprise to you, but the majority of these jobs cannot be found by Googling "offshore jobs, offshore rig jobs, offshore entry level oil rig jobs," etc.

Skip all the wasted hours trying to chase down hard to find openings using generic job search procedures. Our exclusive offshore job search knowledge will take you right to the action! Our profession career coaching is the DIRECT LINK between you and your next position in the offshore oil industry.

Companies do not make it easy for you ...

to apply for a job. Many companies are overwhelmed by well-meaning but uninformed job seekers who don't have a clue as how to apply or even what postions they should apply.

Wasting a recruiter's time will do nothing but get you rejected.

Professional Career Coaching provides a focused, targeted approach with a proven track record of successful results.

Professional Career Coaching works well for both entry level and experienced positions.

Your resume goes to the specific company for the specific job for which you are applying. We will help you apply for as many jobs as you like for 3 months.

cpt ron in front of oil rig

Professional Career Coaching is working with me personally

• You will receive my Pro Resume Package with Cover Letter

• We will role play interview sessions to ensure interview success.

• We will search by location (where the companies are presently working) or by a specific category found in the above list.

•We will tap into WORLDWIDE oilfields, offshore and maritime projects and locations.

•We will review the ATS system process thoroughly.

• Professional Career Coaching includes offshore and maritime employment agencies that will FIND A JOB FOR YOU.

• Also included are major oilfield, offshore, and maritime job training facilities that provide required training, certifications, and licenses to work in the oilfields of the world. MOST of these training facilities set up immediate interviews with hiring companies when courses are completed.

• You will have my personal assistance for 3 months and I am just a phone call, email or text away.

Those of you with prior offshore experience will appreciate the time Professional Career Coaching will save you in finding legitimate companies that are looking for qualified personnel just like you.

If you are entry level, entry level positions are listed separately. You will learn to appreciate the fact that I can get you connected VERY FAST!

Professional Career Coaching was designed for the seasoned working professional and entry level individual looking to break into the offshore oil industry.

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Professional Career

$495 USD


  • Complimentary Copy of "The Guide"
  • 2 Hrs Step-by-Step Career Coaching
  • Pro Resume Package
  • Interview Role Playing
  • Guidance Through the ATS System
  • 3 Different Job Objectives
  • 5 Real Time Jobs Hiring NOW
  • 3 Months of Unlimited Support