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If you have spent any time online looking for an offshore oil rig job, no doubt you have been overwhelmed by the number of web sites and YouTube videos promising the latest "insider tips" on how to get hired offshore.

While most of these sites are legitimate and on the up and up, the one thing they all lack is originality. Offshore Guides is THE ORIGINAL WEBSITE concerning offshore oil rig jobs. Our main publication "The Complete Offshore Employment Handbook" offers the following "insider secrets"

  • Current Employment Outlook
  • Typical Work Schedules (explains 7 on - 7 off / 14 on 14 off / 21 on  - 21 off / 28 on  - 28 off) as well as overseas rotational contracts
  • Entry Level Positions - What They Are / Why It Is So Hard to Get One / (and most importantly) How to Get One
  • Available Training Programs
  • Overseas Opportunities
  • Are You a Veteran? (find out how this increases your chances of getting hired)

Half of the offshore oil rig job workers will be retiring in the next 10 years!

The book has a total of 24 information packed chapters written from my many years of working in the offshore oil rig jobs industry, both in the US and overseas, starting from the bottom and working my way up. The oil and gas industry is enjoying a major boom because of an unprecedented rise in energy prices causing rapid global expansion. Here's what is going on in the industry right now:

  • Half of the offshore oil rig job industry will be retiring in the next 10 years!
  • The demand for oil is rising causing more and more wells to be drilled.
  • The price of oil keeps increasing.
  • The number of experienced offshore oil rig job workers is decreasing. In fact, right now, the search for qualified entry level and experienced rig hands is at a crisis level. The severe shortage of experienced professionals, crafts and trades personnel is the biggest issue facing the oil patch today.

There are hundreds of jobs going unfilled every week because job seekers don't know where to apply and what to apply for. For over 15 years, Offshore Guides has been bridging the gap and showing you, the job seeker, how to get connected. We post 50 new jobs every week, many of them entry level. Below is a list of the last 50 we've posted.


1. SME for Refinery Operations Consultant (Santa Ana, CA )
2. Assistant Driller (Offshore Africa)
3. Driller (Offshore Africa)
4. Derrickman (Offshore Africa)
5. Rig Mechanic (Libya)
6. Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch (Gulf of Mexico)
7. Roustabout (Offshore)
8. Floorhand (Offshore)
9. Galleyhand / Utility Hand (Offshore)
10. Electronics Technical Officer (Specialty Vessels)
11. Apprentice Training Program (Gulf of Mexico)
12. Senior DP Officer (Offshore International)
13. Crane Operator (Offshore International)
14. Lease Hand / Roustabout (Canada)
15. Floorhand / Roughneck (Canada)
16. Motorman (Canada)
17. Derrickman (Canada)
18. Driller (Canada)
19. Rig Manager (Canada)
20. Trainee (Canada)
21. Floorhand (Canada)
22. Derrickman (Canada)
23. Driller / Operator (Canada)
24. Rig Manager (Canada)
25. Leasehand / Roustabout (USA (all locations))
26. Floorhand / Roughneck (USA Multiple Locations)
27. Motorman (USA Multiple Locations)
28. Derrickman (USA Multiple Locations)
29. Driller (USA Multiple Locations)
30. Rig Manager (USA Multiple Locations)
31. Trainee (North Dakota)
32. Floorhand / Roughneck (North Dakota)
33. Derrickman (North Dakota)
34. Driller / Operator (North Dakota)
35. Leasehand / Roustabout (Australia - All Locations)
36. Floorhand / Roughneck (Australia - All Locations)
37. Lead floorhand / Roughneck (Australia - All Locations)
38. Derrickman (Australia - All Locations)
39. Driller (Australia - All Locations)
40. Rig Manager (Australia - All Locations)
41. Leasehand / Rougstabout (Australia - All Locations)
42. Floorhand / Roughneck (Australia - All Locations)
43. Derrickman (Australia - All Locations)
44. Driller (Australia - All Locations)
45. Rig Manager (Australia - All Locations)
46. Toolpusher (Australia - All Locations)
47. Executive Steward / Camp Boss (Gulf of Mexico)
48. Galley / Utility Hand (Gulf of Mexico)
49. Galley Hand / Housekeeper (Gulf of Mexico)
50. Utility Steward / Galleyhand (Gulf of Mexico)

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